Our solutions

A global and ultra efficient software

Born in the highly demanding environment of the airport, planete-online is a high-performance scheduling solution.

A scalable, adaptable and modular tool that supports all aeras of activity such as

  • Airport, Railways, Bank, Event activity, health, industries, services…
  • Available in 10 languages, suitable for all the laws and regulations in force.
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Unlimited fields of application

Scheduling operations, badges and authorization management, overtime, payslip, absence, leave, employment contract, trainings, other agreements…

Temporary workers management, company billings..

  • Because each company is unique, planete-online experts co-build with you “tailored” features closely adapted to your needs and the problems you encounter on a daily basis.

The "Shaker" gives the ideal schedule


Though the picture of the idealistic Schedule is a cliché,

We positively state that a schedule must be realistic, practicable, clervely balancing the comfort of the employees and the customers’ satisfaction.

Clearly , the idealistic Schedule is an optimal consideration of the workload, resources and constraints.

A proven business model


As of 2004, planete-online has bet on the original subscription mode at that time, offering numberous advantages.

The subscription fare is calculated on the number of employees, thus accessible to any company type and typology.

The opportunity of an up-to-date business tool without heavy investiment.

With planete-online, no unpleasant surprises!


Our philosophy : “Serviceless softwares are useless”!

This is why plural services are included in the subscription such as

Further developments to fit your activities,

the trainings of your teams to get an optimal use of our planet-online sofware’s capabilities.

The advantages that make the difference


A website devoted to you employees, accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The true identity of planete-online:

  • a 7-days a week ; 24 hours a day unbreachable link with employees.
  • The website is aimed to save time, ease operations such as leave request, schedule delivery, medical examinations, company equipments remittance, etc, that employee can easily reach and use to provide you with usefull administrative and operational information
  • A dedicated website for your customer allowing them an access to different information. (ex real time service, invoicing…)

Material Solutions

Our goal: to help you stay connected.

A wide range of choice of material, fixed, mobile, indoor, outdoor to answer all your field constraints.

Traceability materials coupled with applications developed by GTP-Conseil guarantee real-time efficiency and responsiveness for effective management of your business.

In addition to this broad range of material, GTP-Conseil is proposing its own exclusive and patented solution : the “Tras’Heures” designed to optimizing the monitoring of your operations in real time.




All our products are available either in a fixed or mobile version.

But also...


A module to create dash boards and summaries : planete-online will help you making management and monitoring decisions.

The module is designed to answer to quotations and enquiries : time saved to prospecting other markets.

Planete-online is the opportunity to outsourcing the schedule management.

The opportunity offered by planet-online to outsource the schedule.