About us

Our Story

The planete-online adventure began in 2004 with Nathalie Ebrahim et Jean What was -Luc Ricci, both scheduling operations experts.

What was their goal then?

To propose on-line scheduling solutions to a better management of resources and efficient business monitoring, in the field of the airport.

A brand new business model at that time ;an all inclusive flat fare subscription that will incidently ensure its success.

Today, Planete-only has won the loyalty of roughly 40 customers throughout the world, in various areas like idustries, events makers, logistic.

Our talents

They are the“ nugget ”of planete-online: our employees.

Development engineer profiles or project and method manager profiles: all of them put their energy into supporting you in the success of your activities and your growth.

We pay attention to their well-being: green environment near the forest, convivial space to share meals, participatory vegetable garden, sports facilities, entertainment and evenings parties… Enjoying work is not an empty word at planete-online!

They are the "jewel" of planete-online


At planete-online, values ​​are not marketing arguments!

Shared by all our employees, they guide us on a daily basis in the relationship with our customers and help us move forward in our work.

  • A solution to each issue: a continuous adaptation.
  • No one shot relationship but a long-term partnership : growing together.
  • Never let go of anything: learning by doing
No one-shot but a long-term partner relationship